Your Benefits

The Wise Hearted Woman System™

supports and guides you holistically—focusing on your mindset and beliefs, your body and body wisdom, your heart and soul, AND the social and professional aspects of your life.

What most women do not understand—or forget or dismiss or are in denial of— is that we must FLOURISH in our INNER LIVES to manifest true success and fulfillment in our outer endeavors, such as our relationships and our business.

By engaging in the Wise Hearted Woman System, you receive a set of sustainable practical tools and strategies for inner life development and for outer life achievement of goals.

The Wise Hearted Woman System™ is based on 4 Keys

that guide you into living a life you absolutely L.O.V.E.

Each of the Keys offers practical tools that you can benefit from now AND use for the rest of your life!

Key 1: L. — Luscious and lit up
♥ models for infusing your life with more sensuality, enJOYment, play, self-care, artistry and balance.

Key 2: O. — On track and moving forward
♥ skills to DESIGN a life you love, including action plans to take YOUR NEXT STEPS in the area(s) of your focus.

Key 3: V. — Vibrantly healthy in every way
♥ Emotional/Mental well-being practices to EMBRACE life’s challenges, rather than deny, magnify or push them away, to TRANSFORM challenges into opportunities, to BEFRIEND (yes, befriend!) your inner critic and your fears. (Just imagine how this one change would impact the quality of your life!)
♥ Physical well-being practices to care for your body as the sacred temple she is.

Key 4: E. — Embodying wisdom and love
♥ practices to live your wise hearted life, including how to LISTEN to your Source and how to become more ACCEPTING and FORGIVING of yourself.


Explore the Wise Hearted Woman System™, if you are ready to reclaim

♥ your AUTHENTIC Self.
♥ self-LOVING, including acceptance and love for your body.
♥ body wisdom and sacred FEMININE GENIUS.

And if you are ready for. . .
♥ loving and knowledgable MENTORSHIP on multiple levels.
♥ membership into a growing TRIBE of wise hearted women, who are contributing to the betterment of our world.

The Wild Wisdom Retreat

A 3-day retreat without leaving home.

Infuse your daily life with WISDOM, LOVE & SENSUALITY.
3 Sacred Feminine KEYS for a breakthrough into empowered heart-centered living.

Plus 3 visual meditations.

. . . Discover the key that unlocks your BODY BLISS.


When I first started working with Taira, I felt insecure about myself in many ways. What I wanted the most, was to be more authentic, creative, and empowered, but I didn’t quite know how to get there. Taira had such a natural, intuitive, and loving way to guide me to my inner strength and innate creativity. Her insightful coaching through dance and art-making were profound for me. Taira’s coaching is practical and joyful. I simply love her.

coach, California

Thank you, Taira, from the bottom of my heart. I am grateful! Our 1-on-1 work has been truly healing.


Dance Movement Therapist, New York

Taira was my teacher in a yearlong training program at Tamalpa Institute, an internationally recognized center for Expressive Arts Therapy. Later, I had the opportunity to be her colleague in another learning environment. Taira has an embodied treasure trove of resources—30+ years worth!— at her fingertips.  I highly recommend working with her in a group setting or as a 1-on-1 client. She’s the real deal.


Movement-based Expressive Arts Facilitator, California

Taira’s  approach is resourceful, thoughtful and truly creative. She enabled me to form my own enquiry. I found her professionalism astutely balanced with a down-to-earth openness and transparency. I was able to relate to Taira, not just as an expert in her field, but also as a warm, friendly and authentic human being. She delivered both knowledge, theory and practice with care and focus. As a result, I feel extremely confident. I highly recommend . . . 1-on-1 development sessions with Taira.”


Professional Artist and Arts Educator, Scotland

Drawing titled “Confidence” created at end of 1-on-1 session with Taira.


Dancer, Educator, Luxemborg