Frequently Asked Questions

Can ANY woman work with Taira?
Taira works with women of all ages and with various life experiences. Some of her clients have been “working on themselves” for a very long time. Some are newer to self-growth and/or spiritual growth principles. Taira is confident that she has the skills and care to work with almost everyone. Occasionally, Taira will recognize that she does not have the required skill set and she will recommend a psychotherapist or medical doctor.


What is a 1-on-1 session with Taira like?
Taira uses an Expressive Arts Therapy approach. In addition to spoken conversation and reflection, sessions combine simple body movement and sometimes drawing and/or creative writing. Clients are able to access multiple streams of their innate wisdom. Typically, sessions feel comfortable, enjoyable and focused. Taira’s style is warm and friendly. She believes that when women feel safe and comfortable, they can intuit, create, discover and release what is no longer serving them. They can take giant steps forward. Taira knows there is a time for rolling up the sleeves and getting down to business and, yet, she is absolutely committed to doing it with love.


How can 1-on-1 sessions that includes body movement be done on Skype?
Great question! Because Taira has been reading bodies for 30 years, she does not need to be in the same room with a client. Using Skype, Taira can see, sense and intuit what that client needs. Taira has worked so often on Skype, and with women whose second language is English, that she is able to create a comfortable, creative space. Even though some women initially resist the idea of doing sessions on Skype, they soon discover that it works quite well and it is very convenient.


I do not consider myself a creative person. To take a workshop with Taira or to be a client of Taira’s, do I have to have previous experience with movement, dance, art making or writing? 
No. None at all. In fact, sometimes women WITHOUT previous experience are at an advantage, because they do not have preconceived ideas about what or how they should create. It is common for many women to feel intimidated by art making and/or body movement/ dance. For Taira that is a natural part of the process, not a hinderance. Taira’s approach is so friendly and skillful that it’s easy to soon feel comfortable. 


Is Wise Hearted Woman’s Facebook page open to anyone?
Yes, visit our Wise Hearted Woman sisterhood on Facebook. We’d love to have you stop by, be inspired, join a conversation.



I see that you use L.O.V.E. throughout this website, what does L.O.V.E. stand for?
As a Wise Hearted Woman, Taira supports you to create a life you  L.O.V.E.

L — Luscious and illuminated
O — On track and moving forward
V — Vibrantly healthy in every aspect of self and life
E — Embodied wisdom and love-in-action
As a Wise Hearted Woman, YOU are L.O.V.E.


I’d like for Taira to facilitate a Wise Hearted Woman workshop where I live. Is that possible?
Exciting! Contact Taira and give her some details. Taira leads workshops internationally. And loves to travel!


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