When you feel joyful, calm, confident or grateful, life looks rosy!

What about when the shit hits the fan? When you lose your car keys, one of your favorite earrings, your highest paying client . . . when you lose your job, your reputation, your voice, it’s easy to simply LOSE IT. The it being your perspective, your self-awareness, your sense of humor, your trust in life.

And then there is the slide into the muck of blame, against-ness and destructive behavior. Basically, you give into your fears–letting them have their wily way with you.
“Life sucks. I deserve to eat this pint of ice cream.”
“She made me so mad that I had to bad-mouthed her in front everyone.”
. . . And the list goes on.

The Wise Hearted Woman faces challenges—that’s part of life, but she handles challenges differently than most. When life gets messy, the Wise Hearted Woman allows her body wisdom to work magic.

Here’s two Body Wisdom tools for releasing and recalibrating. The good news is: You can use these before, during or after you lose it. And. . . they’re free, accessible and powerfully effective.

Body Wisdom Tool #1: Breathe! Take 4-6 deep full breaths. Breathing in through the nose—focusing on your abdomen—your belly will fill and rise. Pausing—holding the breath for a few seconds. Then breathing out through your mouth slowly. Breathing brings oxygen to your brain to help you think in new ways and gain perspective. It calms your nervous system and calms your emotions.

Body Wisdom Tool #2: Move! Dance around your house. Walk around the block. Do yoga. Hike. If you are at work, get up and take a walk to the drinking fountain. Climb the stairs. Find a little spot where you can roll your shoulders, swing your arms, pick up your knees and undulate your spine.

Tool #1 and Tool #2 can be used separately or together. Your choice. You can combine them in creative ways. (I’ll post more on this another time.)

Much research has been done on how and why breathing and exercise improve physical health and emotional well-being. Our bodies are wise. Full breathing and physical movement are our built-in stress relievers. The more we practice, the more second nature they become. After a while, they become our “go to” reactions. . . . Ladies, it’s freedom when our “go to” reactions are mindful responses!

You can live a life that you L.O.V.E. one creative experiment, one mindful moment, one choice at a time. When you lose it (what ever it is), you never ever lose your wise heart-centered Self. She is always available. Invite her back into your awareness with your next breath. Invite her to dance. Give into her–let her have her wise-hearted way with you.

with exuberant loving from your wise hearted coach,

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