The last several days I have been frozen with fear. I’ve felt fear in my body 24/7. Mostly radiating out of my solar plexus. It’s been difficult to truly relax or to be present with anything other than the fear. It’s felt like an impossible task to do what I really want to do, which is to focus on Wise Hearted Woman’s next steps. I love my new business, but I’ve been avoiding it. . . . Ugh!

Does this sound familiar? Has fear blocked you from your new business? a relationship? an important project? your joy?

I tried to soothe myself by eating gelato. The fear was still there afterwards.
I watched a comedy. Still there.
I disappeared into a new book. Still there.
I cleaned off my desk. Still there.
I ignored it. Still there!
Yesterday, I spoke to a friend about my fear. Still there. (Though I was getting closer to being on the right track.)

This morning I followed the Wise Hearted Woman system, which are KEYS and related PRACTICES for women’s empowerment. (As the saying goes, it was time for me to walk my talk.) I focused on the KEY of Acceptance: Embracing “what is” and the PRACTICE: Compassionately and creatively working with “what is” towards growth.

How did I do this? . . . I wrote a letter TO my fear! I know this might sound crazy, but it was one way to compassionately and creatively work with my fear.

Dear Fear,
You are not always comfortable, far from it, but you are always my teacher.
You provide me with opportunities: to pause, to question, explore and discover, to be more sensitive, and to unfold as a wise hearted woman.
You signal me. You reach out to remind me that it’s time to love more fully, to love the parts of myself that are in pain.
Thank you for showing me that I am a spiritual being having a very human experience.
I appreciate you and I love you,

Then I asked my fear if it had a message for me. (What a concept!) And I was shocked by my fear’s response. It was SO SPOT ON and just what I needed to hear. It acknowledged that it is terrifying to create a new business. As much as I love it, it is VERY vulnerable to “put myself out there” into the world. This was part of my fear’s message: “Every day tune into your wise woman, into the genius of your body. She knows what to do!! Follow her guidance. And take one small action step at a time.”

My fear was not a rogue trying to sabotage or shanghai me! It was frantically tapping me on the shoulder with a VERY important life-affirming message. It would not let me do anything else (so to speak) until I listened to it! Wow. Talk about change of perspective!

I have a hunch that you can relate. To being overcome by fear. Or trying to self-soothe by overeating. Or avoiding what really needs your attention. What tools do you have on hand when this happens to you?

I invite you to carve out the time to engage in the Wise Hearted Woman System. It is based on my 30+ years in the field of Expressive Arts Therapy and my 10 years as an ordained minister. In short, it works!

I SO want you to feel empowered and to live a life you love.

Before you leave this website, please get your free gift. During the 3-day Wild Wisdom retreat, you will be introduced to the Wise Hearted Woman System and you will be guided into your own body’s wisdom, which is your pathway to your healing, your transformation and your magnificence!!

with love and respect,

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