As a Wise Hearted Woman, when you follow your wise heart, she will guide you to be in the right place at the right time. You experience grace and synchronicity.

Last summer I facilitated a workshop in Paris. A month later, one of the participants, a German therapist, sent me this story and a photo of herself.

“I’m sitting in a little cafe an hour before Taira’s workshop, Next Steps. A french woman sits by to me. She is wearing a beautiful dress in blue and green. I think to myself that I would buy the dress if I could.

During the workshop, Taira gives me—and all the women—the tool of The Heroine’s Journey. We use this tool throughout the workshop.

Four days later, I’m walking through the streets of Montmartre and I see a boutique named Héroïnes. I enter the boutique with curiosity and find the exact same beautiful dress that the woman wore in the cafe!

I try on the dress. It fits very well. I buy it.

Now I have a “heroine-dress” for my journey. . . into the next step of my life. . .

It has been such good work you’ve done with all of us, with me, dear Taira. Thank you.”

Along with this story, the therapist sent a photo of herself wearing her new heroine dress.

It’s been several months since I received her delightful story and photo. On a whim last night, I looked up the boutique in Paris and there was a photo of a woman wearing the very same dress!  What are the chances of that? How absolutely delightful.

In honor of this magic, today I dressed in my favorite goddess colors and wore my favorite goddess jewelry. The magic continued: A colleague invited me to co-teach a workshop. Can you guess what the name/theme of the workshop is? Yes! You guessed it: The Heroine’s Journey.

So, ladies, get out your heroine dress and be the heroine of your own life story. And if you don’t have a heroine dress or you are in need of a new one, follow your wise heart. She’ll show you the way. She might even guide you to Héroïnes in Paris. If so, I’d love to join you!

with exuberant loving,


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