Today is New Moon and Solar Eclipse. At my home on Tomales Bay in northern California, it was a cool misty morning—a typical summer morning here on the coast.  I did not see the eclipse. That was okay. I did not need to see it to feel the energy of worldwide meditation and prayer.

Tapping into my playfulness and intuition, I created a beautiful setting in my Art Tent and dressed with care. I set clear intentions through movement and spoken words—planting seeds, which will manifest early in the new year.

After meditating, I felt called to ask for an oracle message for myself, for you and the women in my Wise Hearted Woman tribe. Join me inside my Art Tent. Watch and listen as I share the message I received for us!

from my heart to yours,

P.S. Heart-felt acknowledgment to Alana Fairchild for her Mother Mary oracle deck and to Shiloh Sophia McCloud whose artwork enhances the deck. Thank you, wise women.

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