It is OUR time . . .
To truly embrace our bodies.
To finally heal our judgements and limiting beliefs.
To express our Authentic Selves.
To live lives that we absolutely love.
To light up and serve.
OUR time is NOW.
Join me in this movement of radical LOVING.
-Taira Restar

Your womanly body is POWERFUL beyond measure.
She is spiritual and wise.
She is highly creative. In fact, she is a genius.
It’s time to stop feeling disconnected to her. To stop criticizing her.

No matter what anyone says or what you say to yourself, you are EXTRAORDINARY just as you are. You are MORE THAN ENOUGH just as you are.

Imagine . . . Truly reclaiming and loving your body.
Imagine . . . Hearing and trusting her feminine wisdom.
Imagine . . . Following her creative genius into a life you absolutely L.O.V.E.

L- luscious and lit up
O- on track and moving forward
V- vibrantly healthy in every way
E- embodying wisdom and love

The Wild Wisdom Retreat


A 3-day retreat without leaving home.

Infuse your life with WISDOM, LOVE & SENSUALITY.
3 Sacred Feminine KEYS for a breakthrough into empowered heart-centered living.

Plus 3 Visual Meditations.

. . . Discover the key that unlocks your




Deep within you is your very own guidance system–with 100% accuracy–who knows you better than anyone.  She is your heart-centered SOURCE, who is available to you 24/7.

Listen. Her wisdom is speaking to you . . . 

Her desire is that YOU flourish in every way. Her desire is that you LIGHT UP and LOVE.

Say YES. Fall in love with your wise body. And see what happens!


Hi! I’m Taira, the passion behind Wise Hearted Woman. I EMPOWER women, because when women are LIT UP AND LOVING, we contribute to our families, communities and our world.

NOW more than ever, our world needs us, as conscious women, to live and love full out!

Do you long to live and love full out?

One of my greatest gifts is being able to unpack psychological and spiritual concepts into simple practical HOW TOs.

I’m here to show you the practical step-by-step HOW TO create and live a life YOU L.O.V.E.

As a minister and coach, I work with women all over the world. Using a spiritual-body approach to transformation, they step into confidence, authentic expression and well being, which, of course, ripples outward and impacts their relationships, finances and career.

My thirty years of guiding women–and being tapped into my own body wisdom!– led to the development of the Wise Hearted Woman System.

The Wise Hearted Woman System supports and guides each woman holistically—focusing on her mindset and beliefs, her body and body wisdom, her heart and soul, as well as the social and professional aspects of her life.

I’d love to share this with YOU, because YOUR TIME IS NOW!

Start by receiving my Free Gift: The Wild Wisdom Retreat. You are one click away from a juicy week-long immersion into the Wise Hearted Woman System.

Before coaching with Taira, I was having a very difficult time launching a new business while managing the needs of my family. I did not feel that I would have success in my new business or joy with my family. Upon my first session with Taira, I started getting great ideas for my business and so many wonderful methods to diffuse challenging situations at home and in my career. She is an expert communicator, and her teachings will be valuable for the rest of my life. Now it’s been a few months since my sessions with Taira, I am pleased to say my new business is thriving!! Allison

Entreprenuer, California

Taira’s 5-day women’s retreat was one of my most amazing inner journeys. I experienced a lot of joy and playfulness and could access my vulnerability. Taira created a very soft, comfortable and safe space within the group. Although I am an introverted person, I was heard and seen. And for the first time, I felt loved and held. I gained self-confidence to start a therapeutic education and to shift my professional path into a new direction. After this empowering experience, friends told me that I was shining! Barbara

Environmental Scientist, Switzerland

Before coaching with Taira, I felt insecure to start my own business. Taira provided concrete actions for my first steps to realize my dreams. She shared her knowledge, her professional experiences, as well as her authentic personal experiences. She gave me strength and faith to keep going. Taira is an important person in my life. I’m so grateful! I highly recommend Taira. Carole

Expressive Arts Coach, Switzerland

Through Taira’s mentorship and workshops, I grew in confidence and found a new sense of self-love and self-acceptance. She also changed my life, because she inspired me to seek a career as a dance therapist. I just received my certification! Thank you, Taira. I love you! Callie

Dance Therapist, Germany

Taira is just like Mary Poppins. Sage

Age 4