My mom is in town. Yay!

It’s Labor Day weekend and we have been sharing birthing stories. About my birth. About my daughter’s birth.  . . . Just made the Labor Day connection!

This morning Ken and I took my mother out to breakfast. We ran into a local guy, who asked me, “What are you grateful for?”  Without hesitation, I replied, “I’m grateful for my mom. For her unconditional LOVE. I am able to serve women, because she has always stood beside me.” We all agreed that my mom and I share an unusual (in a good way!) mother-daughter relationship.

I want to share my adorable and soulful mother with you. Receive our blessing by watching this short (39 sec) video.

From our wise hearts to yours,

P.S. My mom does not like to have her picture taken, but she was willing to make the video with me, simply because I asked. Sometimes we choose to stretch out of our comfort zone for the people we love. . . . Thanks, Mom!

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