We are living in a time of uncertainty. Many people feel unsafe and uneasy. Perhaps you feels this, too.

In the midst of these uncertain times,  you are being called to give your unique gift to our world. Perhaps you received this calling long ago or perhaps you received a calling recently because of these uncertain times.

What you know is: Our world needs you to be your Authentic Self and to give your gift. In the Wise Hearted Woman System™, the Authentic Self is known as your Wise Woman. She is your source of genuine power and deepest wisdom. You know that YOU need her and you need to give your gift–to feel happy, to feel safe, to be fulfilled and to evolve.

It is your Authentic Self, your True Self, your inner Wise Woman, who can guide you. She knows HOW you can
~ trust and express her.
~ activate her power.
~ recognize your gift and give it to the world.
~ live a life you truly LOVE.

My calling is to guide you into embodying your Wise Woman, so you CAN live a life you L.O.V.E. . . . Starting with loving yourself.

After 30 years of working with women of all ages from all over the world, I created the Wise Hearted Woman System™ to guide you into claiming your Wise Woman as your compass.

Join me for an in-person evening workshop in San Rafael, California, Embodying Your Wild Wisdom. L.O.V.E. Your Life. Offered monthly in January, February, March and April 2018.

I feel so confident that you will benefit from this workshop that I want to make it easy for you to say YES–which is actually saying YES to your Self and to LOVING your life! I am offering a BIG discount if you register for all 4 evenings.

As a matter of fact, I feel SO confident that you will benefit AND so committed to you, that if you participate in the 4 evenings and you leave feeling that you did not benefit, I will refund you my portion of what you paid. (I will pay the studio owner her fee and refund you everything else.) No questions asked.

If you are interested, please hop onto the workshop event page on Facebook.
Or read more info here.

Not in the San Francisco Bay area? Read about other Wild Wisdom workshops. (More being planned. Check back soon.)

From my wise heart to yours,





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