Coaching Programs


1-on-1 Coaching Program


Taira is here for you. She will offer you the Wise Hearted Woman System™, so that you can create a life that you truly L.O.V.E.
L. — Luscious and lit up
O. — On fire and moving forward
V. — Vibrantly healthy in every way
E. — Embodied wisdom and love

The Wise Hearted Woman System™ will provide guideposts and tools as Taira tailors your coaching program to meet your unique needs.


Common reasons that women—and a few wonderful men—have chosen coaching with Taira:
✶ suffering on an emotional level from anxiety, self-judgement or lack of confidence
✶ suffering on a physical level from exhaustion, lack of energy or lack of sustainable self-care habits
✶ experiencing dissatisfaction with current work or desire to discover divine purpose
✶ experiencing challenges in family life
✶ desire to enjoy sensuality and the body
✶ needing support as an entrepreneur or to launch a new healing, arts or coaching based business
✶ knowing “there’s more to life than this”

Perhaps one of these is true for you, too. You are welcome to check-in with Taira to inquire if 1-on-1 coaching is the right match for your current needs. 


Sessions are scheduled at your convenience and are available in-person at Dream Farm, Marin County, California or via Skype. Regarding sessions on Skype: You  may have concerns about the effectiveness or intimacy of using Skype. You are not alone! Taira has many international clients. Some of them had these same concerns. They were pleasantly surprised at how easy and well Skype works. Taira is happy to speak with you about this or about any questions you may have.

For more information, including costs, contact Taira.

Birthing Lives We L.O.V.E.

Join a vibrant community of other wise-hearted women. This 3-month program includes group coaching calls, action steps, tools and other dynamic resources to support you in giving birth to the life you long for.

Convenient online format. Live coaching calls set up to accommodate various time zones, including Pacific Time (western US), Eastern Time (EST) and Central European Time (CET).

Bonus: private individual coaching session with Taira! 

For information, contact Taira.

The Wild Wisdom Retreat


A 3-day retreat without leaving home.

Infuse your life with WISDOM, LOVE & SENSUALITY.
3 Sacred Feminine KEYS for a breakthrough into empowered heart-centered living.

Plus 3 Visual Meditations.

. . . Discover the key that unlocks your



Before coaching with Taira, I was having a very difficult time launching a new business while managing the needs of my family. I did not feel that I would have success in my new business or joy with my family. Upon my first session with Taira, I started getting great ideas for my business and so many wonderful methods to diffuse challenging situations at home and in my career. She is an expert communicator, and her teachings will be valuable for the rest of my life. Now it’s been a few months since my sessions with Taira, I am pleased to say my new business is thriving!! Allison

Entreprenuer, California

Through Taira’s mentorship and workshops, I grew in confidence and found a new sense of self-love and self-acceptance. She also changed my life, because she inspired me to seek a career as a dance therapist. I just received my certification! Thank you, Taira. I love you! Callie

Dance Therapist, Germany

Before working with Taira, I struggled with setting boundaries for myself; I felt like I had to say “yes” to everything. Through our work together I’ve learned to set more boundaries in a clear and empowered way. Taira makes me feel heard and valued.



Nia Teacher, California

Before coaching with Taira, I felt insecure to start my own business. Taira provided concrete actions for my first steps to realize my dreams. She shared her knowledge, her professional experiences, as well as her authentic personal experiences. She gave me strength and faith to keep going. Taira is an important person in my life. I’m so grateful! I highly recommend Taira. Carole

Expressive Arts Coach, Switzerland

Taira is a great example and inspiration for me. Before working with her, I felt alone in my quest for feeling and living my FEMALE POWER. Now I can TRUST in myself and in my inherent woman’s wisdom and in the ability to live my life as full as possible. I can STAND UP for myself and BE MYSELF. Taira is one of my favorite magical wise women!! Alice

Dancer, Switzerland