Does perfectionism thwart your creative ideas or stop you from giving yourself what you truly desire?
Don’t let perfectionism or other excuses stand in your way of living a life that you love.


Recently, I was inspired to create a birthday ceremony for myself. I imagined going to my favorite beach or forest. Then it occurred to me that if I did the ceremony on my bedroom deck, I would be surrounded by nature and have privacy.

On the deck, summer sun felt harsh on my skin, so I decided to make a tent. It was a crazy sudden idea. As I gathered materials and then jerry-rigged my tent, I was filled with childlike delight. It took longer than I had imagined–about 2 hours, because I have never attempted to build anything so big.

When I was finished, I had a shady place outdoors–a creative spot for my ceremony and for drawing, writing and movement. I named it my Art Tent.

But by then, I really didn’t feel like making a ceremony.

That’s when I realized that making my Art Tent WAS my ceremony. My ceremony was saying YES to my creative impulse, YES to caring for my body (by creating a sun shade), YES to taking action even though it was a crazy idea and YES to the imperfect results. In fact, the whole fabulously messy process showed me how much I have grown and how fun gifting myself can be.

Watch the (less than 2 min) video about my big messy birthday gift. I hope that this story and video are a gift to YOU. {If you watch the video, please note my messy hair. The perfectionist in me almost did not share the video because of my messy hair! I was in an inner and outer state of electric charge. It might make your inner perfectionist cringe. LOL}

Yay for dynamic creativity! Yay for self gifting! Yay for keeping it real! Yay for play!

From my creative spirit to yours,

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