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How To Listen To Heart Wisdom

My heart gave me a crystal clear message! However, this message was different than all other messages, because it was for YOU. I was told to make a video to invite you to LISTEN TO YOUR  HEART. If you are like many women, you may be new to accessing your own wisdom....

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The Mystical Rose

On May Day, my dad made my sister and I crowns of miniature roses. In Catholic tradition, Mother Mary was the May Queen. At school, one child from each class honored Mary by offering flowers to her statue. In 2nd grade, I was chosen. I laid the bouquet at her...

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When You Lose It

When you feel joyful, calm, confident or grateful, life looks rosy! What about when the shit hits the fan? When you lose your car keys, one of your favorite earrings, your highest paying client . . . when you lose your job, your reputation, your voice, it's easy to...

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The Wild Wisdom Retreat

A 7-day retreat without leaving home. Infuse your week with WISDOM, LOVE & SENSUALITY.
7 Sacred Feminine KEYS for a breakthrough into empowered heart-centered living.
Plus 7 gorgeous artworks.

. . . Discover the KEY that unlocks your BODY BLISS.